When you become a member, you throw your hat in with the movement. You stand up and are counted as one of the underground. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO GAIN ENTRANCE TO AFM ONLY EVENTS.

The ArtFag Mafia has four levels of membership: Family, Made, Boss, and Don (points do not apply). On Joining you become “family” and work up from there.

Ways to Join
1. At the Door. There are applications at the entrance of each event. Show your ID and pay the annual membership fee. It’s a little slower, but you will not gain access without membership.
2. Join online. You may opt to have your membership card mailed to you, or have it waiting at our next event. When you arrive at the event, go through the members line and save time as well as money.
Join us

Ways to earn points
You cannot buy points. However, there are multiple ways to earn points:

Volunteering: Get involved with art projects, event setup and teardown, distributing flyers, and a number of other positions that need volunteers. You will be rewarded with points.

Attending: At every event you slide your card to add points. The number of points varies per event.