An Offer We Can’t Refuse
The Artfag Mafia in association with NIMBY wants to throw a fundraiser for a big summer art project. We are asking for proposals for a large fundraiser in May for a deserving artist and crew. Click here to download a PDF of the criteria.

Here’s the Criteria in a nutshell:
What kind of art are you making, and what kind of show can you put on to help fund it?
Submission requirements:
1. Bio of the cast and crew. (We’re looking to support something that involves a team of people)

2. Detailed description of your project including dimension, materials and general concept.

3. Tell us the Venue that the project will premiere.
4. Your budget (we don’t need a itemized budget, but a rough guess would be good)

5. A portfolio that has at least one project you have successfully completed in the past.

6. Limited to Bay Area Artists and groups.

Hints on winning:
1. If you use recycled materials, you’ll be way ahead of the game

2. Describe what you and your team can bring to the fundraiser to make it a memorable event.

3. What else are you doing to get funds for your project? We like people who are working hard to fund their projects. We’ll help, but we won’t carry you.

4. Throw in a paragraph of how you can help the ArtFag Mafia grow. (This is a big one). We’ll help you: you help us. It’s the Mafia way.

5. The project must have a completion date of this summer.The Grand Prize:
We’ll work with the artist and their crew to throw a fundraiser in the world famous NIMBY warehouse. We’ll work together to create an evening to remember and generate funds to fund your project.