Is the Artfag Mafia gang related?
Absolutely not. The AFM has nothing to do with organized crime whatsoever. We are not a criminal organization and have no ties to any crime family, gang, or anything related to illegal activity.

Do you have anything to do with the Godfather?
Of course not. The word “mafia” is never even used in the Godfather movies.

Is the name a slam on gay people?
Not at all. An ArtFag is a person of any gender or sexual orientation that is into art and artistry. We were organized and started by ArtFags. We decided to band together in numbers and protect what we love, hence the name.

Your logo is a gun—does that mean your members carry guns?
The only guns we carry are printed on our cards. Firearms are strictly prohibited from our events. The logo is a show of strength and we are neither outspokenly pro nor against Americans’ right to bear arms.

When I join, will I be bombarded by marketing?
Not at all. The only mailing we do is to deliver your card. From time to time, we will let you know about an upcoming, members only underground event via a one-time email.

Can I let my friend borrow my card to get access to a show?
No. The cards are non-transferable, and do not have +1 ability. They must be used in conjunction with a valid ID. The privileges of membership are only extended to our members. Tell your friend to join here.