LET IT RIDE: Just like the big boys, you can win big! Big! BIG!!!!

ROCK: To the sounds of the As Is Brass Band with Mr. Lucky and guests!

WEEP: Like a baby as our sharks take all your chips!
VOW: Rev. Hal or Rev. Burke will offer short duration marriages!

CROON: At the Karaoke station!

CASH OUT: At the Ace Auto redemption booth with friendly Bill the Junkman!

OOGLE: The dames of Extra Action doing the Oh No! show!

CRY: Out in disgust at our cockroach racing!

DRESS: To the nines; Lost Vegas has an un-enforced dress codeIt’s an evening to dismember, so put on your finest and come on out to NIMBY to do the Lost Vegas grind! We are featuring this year: The wheel of SMUT Poke-her Cockroach Racing Rat Roulette Crap Short duration marriages Showgirls Live music Boy rental Kareokie
All gambling is real. You play with chips, that you cash out for valuable prizes. Ahem. This is less spectacle and more action- oriented. You place the bets! You race the roaches! You spill your drink! It’s all about you!!!!