About the Mafia

Simply put, we are a union with teeth. A union made up of participants, artists, volunteers, producers and venues to ensure our movement is strong.

We are the ArtFag Mafia—a grass roots movement dedicated to promoting, growing and protecting the art underground from litigation, arbitration, and persecution from those who do not understand what it is to be a bunch of genius freaks, psychos, artists, and crazies.

The Mafia was born in a West Oakland Warehouse for the protection of artists, venues, and community—not by outsiders, but by ourselves: our lawyers, our gangsters, and our corporations. Underground venues risk everything to sponsor events with fire, dangerous effects, and cutting-edge performances. Artists and volunteers put it all on the line to create pieces yet unseen. Musicians follow their dreams, casting off the restrictions of the mainstream to innovate. This is the heart of the underground art movement. The ArtFag Mafia is here to protect and cultivate that movement. By banding together, we pool our numbers. Numbers are power.